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Who is Alina de Almeida?

Alina de Almeida is a skilled nutrition expert and registered dietician with a degree in Food & Nutrition Sciences. Her residency and clinical nutrition rotations were conducted at Columbia and Cornell NY Presbyterian Hospital and she has been helping clients for more than a decade to achieve better health outcomes. In 2016 Alina founded Effective Lifestyle by Alina de Almeida, a completely integrated health program that focuses solely on the power of nutrition to control, prevent and reverse disease. 

Alina’s approach to nutrition and fitness includes a holistic understanding of food as medicine. Her careful guidance and recommendations enable patients in hospital settings and through private practice to prevent, reverse and cure chronic diseases and to get their health back on track.

Alina guides clients for weight loss and general health. She has an intensive one-year, lifestyle-modification treatment program for pre-diabetic and type 2 diabetes patients and a one-year lifestyle-modification treatment program for recently diagnosed prostate cancer patients as well as those in remission. 


Furthermore, Alina has programs to guide those struggling with weight gain after bariatric surgery, for those transitioning towards a vegan lifestyle and for people struggling with cardiovascular disease.

To learn more about Effective Lifestyle by Alina de Almeida:

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